Mini pressure regulators

SFS-Fluidsysteme GmbH has been offering a wide range of mini pressure regulators for a wide variety of applications on the market for many years. Our customers can choose between mini pressure regulators as a stand-alone version with M5 connections (panel mounting) and mini pressure regulators for integration into a block. All our mini pressure regulators are piston regulators and thus guarantee the smallest design with high performance.

We can offer a wide variety of materials and sealing materials on customer request.

The mini pressure regulators with M5 connections (panel installation) are available as standard for the pressure range 0.2 – 2 bar and for 1 – 8 bar. We offer this pressure regulator for both neutral gases and neutral liquids such as water.

The mini banjo screw pressure regulators from SFS can either be fully integrated into the customer’s construction or ordered directly with the desired ring piece (G1/8 or hose connection ø4mm and ø6mm).

If the customer wishes to integrate the mini pressure regulator into his product, we provide the exact geometry for the CNC machining (bore). This ensures that the mini pressure regulator works perfectly in the customer’s product.


Minidruckregler Minidruckregler Minidruckregler

Application example:

Hollow screw pressure regulator in combination with 2 solenoid valves for compressed air or water integrated in a valve block;

  • Minimal space requirement
  • No interfaces
  • Optimum price/performance ratio

Minidruckregler Anwendungsbeispiel