Precision cylinders

Adjusted to hundredths – we master precision – challenge us!

If you have to guarantee exact strokes with pneumatic cylinders, and if “hundredths” of a millimeter are important, then you are on a losing battle with standardized pneumatic cylinders. Such precise cylinders are generally not available on the market and are always a customer-specific solution or adaptation.

When such precision is required, we at SFS set the stroke for each individual cylinder, fix the position with glue and then check the stroke again with the micrometer. We achieve the exact stroke adjustment with a fine thread, which gives us the ability to set the stroke in the range of 0.01mm.

With this solution we can use inexpensive components on one hand, and on the other hand the accuracy of the stroke is always 100% guaranteed by the individual adjustment of each cylinder.

These precision cylinders are primarily used where too short strokes will cause malfunction and too long strokes may cause damage.